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The Philly Cheese Steak


Philadelphia! Another city full of rich history, great people and of course, the Philly “cheese steak.” I’ve been to Philly for a very quick trip but look forward to going back. The one day I spent in Philly I did visit the Liberty Bell and saw where the U.S. constitution was signed and of course went to Pat’s Steaks in south Philadelphia.

In 1930, Pat Olivieri was a brilliant hot dog merchant in south Philadelphia, one day for no real reason, Olivieri decided to cook some sliced beef with onions on his hot dog grill and then place it on an Italian roll. A cab driver who was a frequent customer to  Olivieri’s hot dog stand saw Olivieri eating the new looking sandwich and asked for one to go and before Olivieri knew it  the “steak sandwich” was born.

A few years later, someone (but in all likelihood a Philadelphian) suggested that the flavor of the “steak sandwich” could be further enhanced with the addition of cheese. And with the blink of an eye the “cheese steak sandwich,” better known as the “cheese steak” or simply the “steak” was born.


The Philly Cheesesteak I made (with Provolone Cheese)

 The Philadelphia “cheese steak”  is pretty much the same sandwich it has been for the past 80 years. One of the interesting modifications to the steak sandwich was the introduction of Cheese Whiz in the 1950s.


If you ever have a chance to visit Philadelphia, getting a “cheese steak” it’s a must! I know you will love it. There are many restaurants in Philadelphia that serve the “cheese steak” sandwich but the original is Pat’s King of Steaks and their arch rival Geno’s Steak. Both are open 24-hours a day.

Seeing as Philadelphia isn’t  a quick drive from my house in Kentucky, I have found a great recipe online for a quick Philly “cheese steak” that  can be cooked right in your house. Click here for the recipe. The only modification to the recipes that I added was provolone cheese instead of Cheese Whiz and some people like to use sirloin steak instead of deli roast beef.

Happy cooking and eating.