New York, New York

When I woke up this morning I’m sure I had the same thought as millions of other Americas, I immediately thought, WOW has it really been 10 years. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when The World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93 were attacked. It makes me realize what a blessing every day is and how thankful I am to be an America. My heart is with all the family and friends who lost someone they loved 10 years ago. So in honor of all those lives that were lost and the great city of New York, I will be making a New York Cheesecake!

Cheesecake is a beloved dessert, many people (especially Americans) assume that it originated in New York, but it actually goes back much further. Let’s go all the way back to ancient Greece. According to, the first “cheese cake” was created on the Greek island of Samos and was considered to be a great source of energy. There is evidence that cheesecake was served to the athletes at the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. In Greece, cheesecake was also served at weddings as the wedding cake. The ingredients in the first cheesecake was flour, wheat, honey and cheese. They were formed into a cake and baked.

After Rome defeated Greece, they expanded their empire and brought the cheesecake to Europeans. Eastern Europe began experimenting with ways to put their unique twist on the recipe. According to, in 1545, the first cookbook was printed and described the cheesecake as a flour-based sweet food. Even Henry VIII’s chef did his part to shape the cheesecake recipe. Apparently, his chef cut up cheese into very small pieces and soaked those pieces in milk for three hours. Then, he strained the mixture and added eggs, butter and sugar. The cheesecake that we recognize in America didn’t come around until the 18th century.


History of the cheesecake can not be complete without the story of the New York cheesecake.The New York style cheesecake is served with just the cake no extra toppings of fruit or chocolate and gets its smoothness from extra egg yolks. According to by the 1900s, New Yorker’s were in love with this dessert. Almost every restaurant in New York had its own version on their menu.

Arnold Reuben (1883-1970) is credited for creating the New York cheesecake even though he is more known for the creation of his sandwich (The Reuben). Reuben was born in Germany and he came to America when he was young. After going to a dinner party where the host served cheese pie, he was so amazed by this dish he experiment with different versions until he came up with the New York Style cheesecake.

Now that you know a little history about the New York cheesecake, try this recipe that I found, it’s great!!! Click Here

Sources of history: (n.d.). The Rich History of a Favorite Dessert. Retrieved 09 11, 2011, from


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