Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago is known for many great things, the Windy City has a lot of history, culture and great food!! I’ve been fortunate enought to go to Chicago many times and eat at one of the original pizzerias.

Chicago stye “deep dish” pizza is like no other in the U.S. The pizza that many people love was created in Chicago in 1943 at Pizzeria Uno.  Uno’s founder Ike Sewell, a former football star at the University of Texas is credited with inventing this style of pizza, however, a 1956 article from the Chicago Daily News asserts that Uno’s original pizza chef Rudy Malnati developed the famous recipe.

The foundation of the pizza is simple. It uses a thick layer of dough (made from olive oil and cornmeal and then formed around a deep round pan. The pizza crust is partially baked before the toppings are added. Once the crust is cooled completely it is covered with cheese (usually sliced fresh mozzarella) and then covered with extra toppings such as meats or vegetables. Italian sausage is one of the Chicago style favorite toppings. After the meat and veggies are placed, a thick sauce consisting of crushed tomatoes is then added. Usually this is topped with a grated cheese blend to add extra flavor. This style of pizza is usually eaten with a fork and knife because it’s way to messy to eat with your fingers.

The pizza I made at home!! Pepperoni and Spicy Italian Sausage

According to Food Editorials, in addition to Uno, other famous deep-dish restaurants include Uno’s companion restaurant Due, which was opened just down the block by Sewell in 1955. However, a year before, in 1954, The Original Gino’s Pizza, located on Rush Street, opened its doors, and 12 years later in 1966, Gino’s East opened. Other deep dish restaurants include Edwardo’s, Connie’s, Giordano’s, Carmen’s, Pizano’s (which is owned by Rudy Malnati’s son, Rudy Jr.), and Lou Malnati’s (which was begun by another of Rudy Malnati’s sons and is now run by his grandsons and has 26 Chicago area locations)

Chicago style pizza is rich in flavor and heritage. If you are a pizza lover and have never tried this type of pizza, make sure you give it a try. I know you’ll love it!!

Make sure you try this great recipe I found! It takes a while to make but it will all be from scratch. If you have the time try it out (I’m making it tonight). If you don’t have time and you are in the Lexington area, make sure you go to Old Chicago Pizza in Hamburg, click on the link to find out more information!

A slice of my pizza


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