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BBQ Blues

Memphis, the home of Elvis, Blues and Pork Barbecue. Growing up in the South I have had my fair share of BBQ, and Memphis style is one of my favorite kinds. I have been to Memphis a couple of times and every time I’m there, I make sure to stop and enjoy some of the Blue City’s famous food.

Memphis style BBQ is known for being dry rub ribs. The baby back pork ribs are slow smoked over a hickory fire and coated in a spice rub and can be served with or without a side of sauce. The key ingredient in most Memphis style rubs is paprika, this is what gives the rub its rich red color without having to put sauce on it.

Many BBQ joints throughout Memphis have different variations of rub ingredients most contain well over a dozen and as many as 48 different ingredients. When sauce is used on Memphis BBQ they aren’t too sweet or too spicy. Most of the sauces are a combination of vinegar and tomato sauce and a little mustard. Make sure if you go to Memphis and you want sauce on your ribs ask for them “wet.” In Memphis, BBQ is always pork, it’s usually chopped or pulled apart and topped with slaw on a white bun. This is the amazing simplicity of the BBQ sandwich.

Memphis also plays host to the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Competition. At the competition you can find the best pitmasters that know all about meat. You can learn about their techniques on how to make real Memphis BBQ.

In the meantime, if you can’t make it to Memphis, try out this rub, sauce and coleslaw recipe that I found. Happy Cooking!

If anyone out there has a suggestions on another great city and what food they are famous for, I’d love to research it and try something new.