New Orleans Jambalaya

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’m really excited about this post. Cajun food is one of mine and my husbands favorite types of foods, my husbands birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he wanted jambalaya for his birthday. I have made jambalaya before but it usually was from a box. I made homemade jambalaya and I can’t wait to share the recipe with everyone.

Most of the time when people think of New Orleans “Mardi Gras” is the first thing to pop into their heads, but there is so much more to the Southern city. New Orleans is a city I have always wanted to visit. It’s a city full of history and  I have heard amazing things about the food and culture. I am going to New Orleans in March so hopefully I will get to soak up plenty of good food and culture while I”m there.

New Orleans is known for their Cajun food which comes from a long history of French, Spanish, Haitian and American cultures all mixed together. New Orleans can trace the history of the  city’s  development from its founding by the French, through its period under Spanish control, then back to French rule before being sold to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. It has been one of the most important cities in the South for most of its history. New Orleans was the largest city in the South during the Civil War and it’s location near the Mississippi River was vital when it came to exporting cotton and other produce.

One of the most popular streets in America is, Bourbon Street or Rue Bourbon. This street is a famous and historic street that runs the length of the French Quarter. When founded in 1718, the city was originally centered around the French Quarter, but “The Quarter” remains the cultural hub, and Bourbon Street is the street best known by visitors. On Bourbon Street is where you can find tons of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and souvenir shops.

The final product, homemade Jambalaya.

Jambalaya originated in southern Louisiana by the Cajuns around the bayou where food was scarce. The word is a compound word of Jambon from the French meaning ham, and Aya meaning rice in African, as there were many slaves in the Louisiana at the time.

 Jambalaya is a bit different and can be made (separately or all together) with ham, chicken, sausage, fresh pork, shrimp and oysters, to which is added shortening, rice, onion, garlic, pepper and other seasonings.

The Jambalaya Festival and World Champion Jambalaya Cooking contest is held annually at Gonzales, Louisiana and is the Jambalaya Capital of The World.

If you enjoy Cajun food or just like trying something new try this great recipe I found. It’s a simple recipe that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. 

Enjoy and Happy Cooking and Eating!

The chicken, sausage, veggies and spices sautéed together.
After the chicken stock, tomatoes and rice were added in.

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