Daydreaming of Key Lime Pie

Looking out the window on this Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining, but……walking outside I’m reminded that winter is on the way. I love the fall time and love nothing more than watching snow fall but all-in-all I am a beach girl. I am imagining sitting on the beach, with the sun in my face, boat drink in hand and enjoy a cool slice of Key Lime Pie.

 The recipe of Key Lime pie is simple and is a lime custard pie that was created in Key West. In the 1850s  there was few cattle on the island and before the railroad opened in 1912 fresh milk was hard to come by. Gail Borden invented sweetened condensed canned milk in 1859 which came in very handy. This meant that you could make a custard pie without having to cook it. The acid from the Key limes was enough to curdle the milk and set egg yolks.

While Key limes seem exotic today, they used to be commercially grown in southern Florida. In 1926 they were all wiped out by a hurricane. The Key lime farmers replanted them with a hardier and easier lime tree.No one knows who get credit for making the first pie but it was probably made with a pie crust but soon the graham cracker crust became the standard.and Key Lime Pie is the official dessert of Key West and the state pie of Florida.

The basic recipe is Key lime juice, egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk and sugar, with a Graham cracker crust. You can either top it with meringue or whipped cream but it is still debated over which is the original. No one dyes it green. Key lime pie is pale yellow in color.

I have been to Key West and Key Largo, both beautiful places to visit and I highly recommend both of them to anyone who enjoys traveling. They are full of color, art, history and of course gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water.

So If this fall and winter you find your self think of the warm weather and daydreaming about laying on the beach, try to make a homemade Key Lime Pie and continue to dream away. Try this recipe I found, that is if you can find Key limes (if not try Persina limes).

First step of Key Lime Pie, all the ingredients mixed together

Step two of the Key Lime Pie, just before it's baked.


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